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  Immigration blog - news and updates from our legal team

Deprivation of British citizenship - 6 April 2017

The Secretary of State can deprive someone of British citizenship under section 40(2) of the British Nationality Act 1981 where it would be conducive to the public good. There is a wide margin of discretion to make a decision on whether a deprivation order would be in the public interest.

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EEA nationals’ permanent residence card refusals - 7 March 2017

According to the Guardian, at least a quarter of all applicants since the referendum on 23 June 2016 had failed to meet the criteria, with 12,800 applications being refused and a further 5,000 applications being declared invalid.

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Restrictions on migrants opening bank accounts in the UK - 15 August 2016

The environment has become tougher for migrants since 2010 with the Government trying to find ways to make the UK an unattractive destination for migrants. Not only has the Government tried to dissuade people from coming to the UK, it has also sought to make it harder for those who are in the UK unlawfully to remain here.

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UK votes to leave the EU: legal process of leaving the EU - 24 June 2016

The results of the UK referendum on the EU are in and the UK has voted to go out. The consequences of the vote are being reported widely and some key messages are coming through.

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Justice obscured – deport first, access to justice later…maybe - 23 June 2017

In the case of Kiarie and Byndloss, the Supreme Court recognised that there is a public interest in requiring some people to bring their appeals from outside the UK. However, it also recognised the fact that where a right of appeal is given that right of appeal should be effective.

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Another twist in the road - May calls for a snap election - 20 April 2017

This news was an unexpected development in the Brexit saga, considering Theresa May did not want to hold a general election until 2020. The official reason given by the Prime Minister is to ensure that the public can vote for a party which represents the way they want Brexit to happen.

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Dependent family members of EEA nationals - 10 October 2016

Regulation 7 of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 permits certain dependent family members of EEA nationals to reside in the UK, provided the EEA national is exercising Treaty Rights.

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Key changes from the Immigration Act 2016 - 6 July 2016

The Immigration Act 2016 was enacted on 12 May 2016 and introduced a series of new measures to tackle illegal working and protect the labour market.

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Electronic visa waiver for nationals of Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates - 9 September 2016

Following the introduction of the electronic visa waiver in 2014, UKVI have amended the procedure to enable nationals of certain countries to visit the UK for a period of up to six months without having obtained a visa in advance.

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