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Welcome to Pathfynder, a law firm based in London dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice on UK immigration law.


At Pathfynder, we understand that providing leading edge immigration advice goes hand in hand with providing superior service and understanding your needs. Our lawyers prioritise finding quick and cost effective solutions for you, as well as ensuring that you are kept informed of progress on a regular basis.


We advise on all aspects of UK immigration law including advice on obtaining visas to work, study, invest, set up in business and join a spouse or civil partner. So if you have an immigration issue, contact us now to discuss your circumstances.


For further information on the work we do and examples of our work, please see the case studies set out below.


Shahjahan Ali

Director and Solicitor

Case studies

Bringing a spouse to the UK – February 2017


A London based student sought immigration advice from us to bring his wife to the UK. The student was a British citizen but his income was lower than the requirement specified by UKVI due to the fact that he was studying. Our immigration lawyers advised the client on a number of options available to him and his wife.

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa for new international enterprise – January 2017


We were instructed in January to assist a client with an application for a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa based on a new business venture in London.


Our immigration lawyers were able to quickly assess the client’s needs, advise the client on the requirements to be met and put in motion a plan of action to progress the matter.

Hiring overseas nationals under Tier 2 (General) – October 2016


We were instructed by a company based in London in connection with obtaining a Tier 2 (General) sponsorship licence in order to enable them to sponsor an overseas national.


The company was new to immigration law and the process of sponsorship so we advised them on the requirements to be met, the application process, the supporting documents and the costs.


As for the individual they wanted to sponsor, he was currently in the UK on a Tier  5 (Youth Mobility) visa. What this meant was that once the company had obtained their Tier 2 (General) sponsorship licence, he would have to apply for his visa from outside the UK.

British citizenship for European nationals – September 2016


A European national who had been working in the UK for over 20 years sought a lawyer to help her obtain British citizenship. However, as she did not yet have a permanent residence card it was necessary to obtain a permanent residence card first.


Prior to 12 November 2015, it was not necessary to obtain a permanent residence card before applying for British citizenship. A prospective applicant could simply make an application for British citizenship once they had lived in the UK for five years and had been free from restrictions on the time they could spend in the UK for a period of 12 months preceding the application. However, this route is no longer available and those seeking to obtain British citizenship must obtain a permanent residence card first.


We advised the client of the requirements to be met in connection with both applications and duly submitted the permanent residence card application on her behalf.

Bringing an elderly dependent parent to the UK – August 2016


We were contacted earlier this year by an individual who was looking for immigration advice to bring his elderly mother to the UK as his dependant.


As many people are already aware, the adult dependent relative visa category allows British citizens, those with ILR and those with refugee/humanitarian protection status to bring their elderly dependent parents to the UK. However, since 2012, the requirements that need to be met under this category have become much tougher. In effect, what this has meant is that fewer people are able to satisfy the immigration rules to bring their elderly parents to the UK.


In light of the above, our immigration lawyers considered the options available to the individual and as it was apparent that his mother would not be able to satisfy the criteria to enter as an adult dependent relative, we were able to advise him on alternative options to bring his mother to the UK.

Permanent residence for a family member of a European national – July 2016


Following the UK’s referendum on 23 June 2016 on whether to leave the EU, our lawyers received a number of enquiries from European nationals regarding their and their family members’ rights to reside in the UK.


One such enquiry involved the American wife of a European national, both of whom had been living in London for more than five years. The husband had been in the UK as a worker initially but later became self-employed. However, he had not at any stage applied for a permanent residence card and was not intending to get one now. As such, we advised his wife on her eligibility for a permanent residence card as the family member of a European national who had been exercising Treaty rights in the UK.

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